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    Add On Features


    A poolscape is a fully integrated pool environment that includes not only the water, but also a full array of add-ons, accessories, landscaping, furniture and more. The idea is to broaden the concept of your swimming pool into more than just swimming. Today's pool owners are taking full advantage of the investment they've made by adding a variety of options that allow them to enjoy their new lifestyle as pool owners. Below are some examples of items you can use to create a fully integrated poolscape.




    Safe and secure -- by adding an attractive fence to your poolscape, you increase security by helping to prevent outsiders from entering the area. There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from. Also available is safety fencing. Safety fencing is removable mesh that provides a barrier around residential swimming pools to help protect curious young childern and pets.





    Fire pits allow you to enjoy your outdoor poolscape through the evening and into the night - roasting marshmallows and spending quality time with your family.






    Nothing beats a good cook-out. A free-standing or permanently installed grill makes for a great addition. Can't you just smell the aroma as you grill those juicy burgers?






    Beautiful, colorful, lush. Landscaping can be one of the easiest additions to your poolscape, yet can have the most impact.







    Lighting effects enhance both the safety and visual appeal of your nighttime pool environment. A variety of innovative lighting features and systems are available to bring a dramatic new level of underwater and poolside brilliance to your backyard at the touch of a button






    Chairs, tables, umbrellas . . . outdoor furniture creates an inviting atmosphere for people to enjoy the poolscape even if they're not getting into the water.






    There are a variety of decking options to choose from. Many finishes and colors are available for your selection. Let our staff help you decide on the best decking option for your taste and budget. Deck Pavers are beautiful and durable. Crack-resistant pavers are ideal for use in areas where minor ground settling is a consideration. 







    Relax to the soothing sound of a relaxing waterfall. From floating fountains to spillovers and more!






    Create the best of both worlds by adding a spa to your poolside. Then, create a water spillover that creates a natural waterfall!